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Since the age of 14, training and nutrition has been my passion. In fact, if you asked my parents, they would say that it was an obsession. Not a single day passes that I don't think about it in some way, shape, or form.

Being brought up in a house hold with die hard bodybuilders as parents, you would think I got forced into it.

But no, rather I was exposed to it constantly and I gradually found my purpose in it. The reason I wasn’t forced into it was due to the fact that the process of competitive bodybuilding had earned the reputation for being restrictive and unhealthy.

One thing I now do, is live the lifestyle and wear it, without it wearing me out and taking the life out of me. I found out the hard way that sustainability is key to making progress and staying motivated.

I found the fun in training hard, reading and trying different approaches to training and nutrition on myself. My dad 2 x Mr. Universe John Terilli and mother Ms. Eastern USA Angela Argentieri were my original mentors. They taught me from the day I stepped foot in a gym… sorry, backyard gym.

They explained how I should be eating, training and what I should avoid to reach my goals and also gave me books and references to research. I obviously trusted my parents and it was motivating to have the answer to all my questions right in front of me, I had the belief that all I had to do was stick to the plan and anything could be achieved.

This was important, I found that having one trusted source of information and being consistent with it can do you a lot of good. There is a lot of contradicting information out there that can leave you very frustrated.

Along with that, I had a pretty neat backyard gym setting – dumbbells going up to 70kg, barbells, squat rack, chin-up bar, adjustable bench, you name it. Pretty hardcore for a beginner, but I had the right guidance to get the job done.

So, rather than spending years of fluffing around on bicep curl machines, I stuck to the hard basic exercises and did my best to perfect them as I had the resources to learn properly.

I saw very noticeable results within my first 2 years’ worth of training. I had now developed somewhat of a lean and athletic physique and it felt amazing.

The fact that I started resembling the guys on the covers of the magazines my dad would leave on the dining room table, made me feel like nothing was impossible now. Genetics? Maybe. Hard work? Yes. Right guidance? Most definitely.

This made me realise that nothing replaces hard work and consistency. But with the right guidance, you can fast track your results by years.

So, after years of experimenting approaches on myself, I figured a bigger challenge would be more fun.

Experimenting approaches on all kinds of people.

Now, rather than feeling accomplished from my own achievements, I’m getting a bigger sense of accomplishment, by getting others to achieve there best physique.

You don’t want to be that person who second guesses everything they do, constantly feeling frustrated that there isn’t one answer, looking the same day in and day out, despite your hard efforts.

The reality is, most gyms are full of people in this situation and there isn’t one answer for everything. Some people find knowledgeable trainers that can guide them in the right direction but others cant due to factors like time, location and budget.

Now, you can bypass the limiting factors and the time spent finding the right answer and have someone sort these formulas for you, so you have the right formula for success. All in the convenience from the screen on your device.


Me at 15 years old

About page image 2 Me at 20 years old.JP

Me at 20 years old


Me at 24 years old

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